Why Being Mobile-Friendly Matters For Your Business?

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Build, And They Will Come

As a successful business owner, you want a fantastic website to match your business. A site that translates what you do as a company and makes customers confident they are making the right choice. You may already have that in place. But if we were to pull it up on our mobile phones right now, what experience would we have?

At OnHighUp, we assist you with building the perfect showcase of your talents through a web page that heightens the customer journey across all devices.

Below we look at some key reasons why being mobile-friendly is essential to your business.

The Edge

When Steve Jobs unveiled the first-ever iPhone in 2007, few of us would have imagined the scale of impact it would have on our lives. At the time, we were just getting our heads around having all those songs in our pockets via the iPod.


Fast forward to 2023, 6.92 billion people own smartphones, over 86% of the entire population. The result is that 55% of all website traffic comes from mobile phones.

There is a high probability that you are reading this on your phone right now. That is an enormous chunk of the market that you are missing out on.

In a competitive environment, you want to get an edge wherever you can. While other companies overlook the need for mobile-friendly pages, you can move ahead by tailoring your online content correctly.

The Social Network

We all know that mobile phones go hand in hand with social media. Love or loathe it, no doubt it has made a tremendous difference to businesses. Used correctly, it is a marketing dream, cutting costs on advertising while boosting visibility and sales.

Getting your website and social media pages in tandem allows users to share your content quickly with others via links and posts. All of this increases organic conversion rates for your company.

You can also insert links to your socials through your website increasing the likelihood of new followers, and we all know followers are the new currency!

The Journey

Forging relationships with customers is essential as you develop as a business. Making the user experience silky smooth will go a long way in building that trust.

We are a generation that wants it all right now. If customers can access your services wherever they are, it makes their lives easier, especially in our fast-paced society.Making user experience smooth

To drive that point home, statistics provided by Zippia show that 53% of users will leave a site if the loading time is longer than 3 seconds. They also state that 70% of businesses fail due to poor user experience.

Luckily that is not a bracket you have to concern yourselves with. OnHighUp ensure the only thing you have to worry about is the constant notifications for positive reviews!

We will build the site and tailor it towards your needs. If you are looking to develop an app to further boost your user experience, OnHighUp can help with that as well.

The Goal

Three letters dominate marketing around the world, SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

There is a good reason for that. Data shows that there are an estimated 8.5 billion searches on Google daily. They hold a 91.9% share of the market. The other 8.1% are for when your browser tries to force Bing into your life.

The importance of ranking highly on these pages cannot be underestimated. Very rarely will you wander onto the second page of search results.

Basically, you want Google to love you like Kanye loves Kanye. For Google, when ranking websites for their search pages, an important factor is whether the site is mobile-friendly. Tying into the user experience, a website that is not mobile-friendly will not be considered a desirable destination for the customer.

The Next Step

Now we know the impact a mobile-friendly website can have on a company’s growth, we can begin implementing the transformational steps.

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